Monday, 18 January 2016

Only Point of sale software in the industry with Lowest Audit Failure Rate Since 1986.

Wordware  Inc Point of sale software is Country’s best application software, most of the Schools are using this software for providing seamless access to students family and school staff to provide Launch cafeteria facilities.

Wordware Inc Point of sale software is technology solutions for the cafeteria and beyond. The Lunch Cashier System software is designed for schools and businesses that need to manage meal accounting information.  Most of the software application focuses on students only but our solution focuses from family prospective.  All the features in the application were best analyzed, surveyed and then implemented in the shape of Wordware's Lunch Cashier System. We adopted latest technologies and engaged best talented techno crafts to develop best application for your school, students and Families.

Our software starts with the family unit, and ties all accounting for students into that family. The application enables one time data entry for all siblings and all the information can be viewed from a single family login. From the same login you can check all the reports and track all the details.
Wordware's Lunch Cashier System saves your times and provides better environment by linking all by linking relevant information together for you, Point of sale software reduces time span which you do in repetitive data entry. Only Point of sale software in the industry with Lowest Audit Failure Rate Since 1986. 

We are working from the very beginning of technology on the software, since 1986 our systems have continued to be developed, reflecting customers' changing needs and providing our customers with requested solutions.

Many schools provides a hot lunch program through Wordware Inc..  The program is available to all children in the District in all grades.  School lunch menus appear weekly.  The main objective of the lunch program is to provide nourishing, appealing lunches for students without subsidy from tax dollars.

Point of sale software uses an automated lunch accounting system to record food service payments and to monitor food transactions.  The system functions as a debit system, similar to a checking account.  The lunch cashier maintains account numbers for elementary students. For the payment parents and student can avail credit, debit cards and cash facility.  There is a wallet system parents and pay advance payment as well as student can pay on daily basis. Family can login from anywhere and check the account for money transaction and all summary.

Please feel free to call us at (800) 934-2621 if you have any questions.