Thursday, 11 February 2016

Wordware Announces DataBridge for School District

Wordware DataBridge is taking LCS1000 Mayflowerto new heights with seamless integration with SIS.

Wordware, MN (USA) February 11, 2016

Wordware, Inc., a nationwide provider of Lunch Cashier System products and services in the schools, universities, colleges hospitals and Business cafeterias, announced the debut of their Wordware DataBridge application. Our Databridge allows software applications to send information back and forth. Our solution is ideal for school cafeterias, college and universities, hospital settings and commercial building cafeterias. Its intuitive and fast interface is available through any modern browser - from your desktop PC to your smartphone - and makes it easy to keep your students moving during the crush of lunch time also integrate all application at one place.
Modern businesses face an unrelenting task to do more with fewer resources in a constantly changing environment. Wordware DataBridge to implement an IT infrastructure that would provide the ideal core platform for business productivity applications. It also enables business continuity and saves times and money.

Currently the LCS mayflower works seamlessly with hundreds of Student Information Systems. Many of our customers use Synergy, Infinite Campus, Power School, JMC, Skyward and more. The DataBridge has worked with every SIS that we have encountered.

“We use Wordware because it is a very user-friendly solution and because it integrates seamlessly with our student information system. We just upgraded to the new release and I consider it to be one of the best cafeteria accounting software packages available to schools today. I especially like that it is family based, that updates are all done automatically and audit reports are very accurate. It has not only streamlined our reports but increased the reporting functionality. Wordware's technical support is incredibly responsive and has always been able to help us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wordware as a lunch cashiering solution.”- Janet Bugay, Kearney Public Schools

Wordware’s comprehensive lunch cashiering system uses advanced technology with a web based interface that supports your school and families with a combined cloud and local solution that keeps your information synchronized onsite and in the cloud. Our easy, intuitive interface, combined with our robust functionality, makes Wordware the right choice for your school’s food service program. Thus, our innovative solutions and services create value in today's dynamic business environment and help explain why so many of our customers always trust us for an efficient, effective and comprehensive solution. Our core expertise covers only and only best Lunch Cashier System. Above that, 25 years experience with their vast industry and experience on same project provide the required impetus to our core competency area. Wordware provides access to our dedicated technical support team, because if a problem does arise, you are not alone.

Wordware, Inc., founded in 1983 and headquartered in Mendota Heights, MN, provides software applications for cafeteria sector. Wordware’s LCS mayflower system is expandable to concessions, school store and could be integrated with Student information system, which makes perfect advance solution for your school. Our application LCS1000 Mayflower can easily be Bridged with any SIS available in the industry easily. With the DataBridge, a school does not need to maintain multiple databases of the same student list, they can maintain one and sync the rest with databridge.

The whole data-driven approach is successful because we did hundreds of Student Information Systems integration with LCS1000 our team has worked very closely to ensure that their requirements are being met.