Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Do you have family lunch system in your school yet? No ! Checkout Wordware Inc Cafeteria Program name Lunch Cashier System.

 This system allows parents to do payment for the entire family through one student. Wordare, Inc. provides e-Funds For Schools to allow families to choose a couple of different online payment options for student lunch accounts. Parents may choose to have payments automatically withdrawn electronically from your checking account or charged to your credit card. There is a convenience fee for using this program.

The Lunch Cashier System allows the Schools' food service department to manage the application process and establish student accounts accordingly in compliance with federal regulations also Students from families whose income is below designated levels and foster children are eligible for free meals or meals at a reduced rate using this system.
To determine if a family qualifies, the family must complete an application. One application per family is necessary and may be completed any time during the year. If a family participated in this program in the past, a new application must be completed each year.
Public Schools are now able to take advantage of this low-cost and reliable communications system to alert our families electronically of balances in their family meal accounts. Also you can access your current account information online – anytime.
Wordware partner with Efunds, Convenient Payments, EduTrak Software, FEEZEE  For Schools accepts payments at any time for unlimited school services from multiple payment platforms. The convenience and flexibility of e-Funds For Schools will help to eliminate last minute check writing hassles and improve efficiencies with your student lunch account. Plus, you will no longer need to worry that your children could lose or forget the money intended for deposit in the school lunch program.
With eFunds you are in full control of your account and can make a payment at any time that is convenient for you. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system. By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student’s name, purpose of the payment, and the amount of payment will be sent to you each time that a payment is to be processed.

This is the only and only family concept based system for you school cafeteria.