Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wordware, Inc. participating in The NCEA Convention & Expo.

The NCEA Convention & Expo is the largest private-education association gathering in the nation. Those participating represent all aspects of Catholic school and faith-based education from preschool, elementary, secondary, adult education, colleges and universities. The Convention is a time to celebrate, to acquire new knowledge, and to renew your spirit. San Diego is just the place for that to happen to you!
Wordware, Inc. has decided to participate in NCEA Convention & Expo to showcase is latest Lunchroom cashiering System LCS1000 Mayflower. A computerized lunch cashier system covers both the breakfast and lunch programs.  The program has brought favourable comments from parents and students and appreciations to schools around the nation.
Wordware's Lunch Cashier System saves your times and provides better environment by linking all by linking relevant information together for you, Point of sale software reduces time span which you do in repetitive data entry. Only Point of sale software in the industry with Lowest Audit Failure Rate Since 1986.
The District uses an automated lunch accounting system to record food service payments and to monitor food transactions. Computerized Lunch Cashier System School District provides a hot lunch program through Wordware, Inc.  The program is available to all children in the District in grades K-12. The main objective of the lunch program is to provide nourishing, appealing lunches for students without subsidy from tax dollars. The system functions as a debit system, similar to a checking account. Parents/guardians may initiate a lunch account by sending a check made payable to the  School District with your child at registration (grades 6-12) or handed in to the office the first day of school.
The Lunch cashier system is an advance payment system set up for the purchase of school lunch in the school cafeteria.  It is available in all most of the District Schools powered by Wordware. 
We integrate with a number of industry-leading online payment portals, meaning faster funds availability for both you, and your students. Wordware Lunch Cashier System provides school cafeteria Point of Sale Software for K-12 schools, college, university, corporate, healthcare, military cafeterias etc.  Everything about the LCS1000 Mayflower software has been updated to ensure that you can focus on your students - not your point of sale software. Ours application is world Top Food Service Management Software Product.
Your appliance licensing entitles you to the following features and benefits:
  • The award-winning LCS1000 Mayflower software.
  • Our cloud-based service, served up directly from our fast and secure datacenter.
  • Fully syncronized backups of your data, keeping your data safe.
  • Access to our dedicated technical support team, because if a problem does arise, you are not alone.
  • A combined 25+ years of experience in providing service and support to districts like yours!
Savings on cost of goods

  • ·         Reduce over production
  • ·         Procurement/Inventory management
  • ·         Menu forecasting with pre-costing
  • ·         Menu pricing
  • ·         Student sales analysis
  • ·         Lowest Audit Failure
  • ·         Single Family Login
  • ·         LCS100 Web based server

The process is simple and eliminates the need to find lunch money everyday.  If your student is a frequent customer of the school foodservice, the best way to use system. 
This all inclusive module generates participation, revenue, reimbursement claims, and edit check reports for the entire district and automatically manages communications between Online payment gateway, PCS’s web portal, the district and the school cafeteria sites.
These are only a few ways in which Cafeteria management software can aid you. The benefits of using one such software are multiple. If you aren’t using these functionalities of your Cafeteria management software, you immediately need work with your team, and study these reports and if you current software doesn’t provide such in depth reports, you many need to upgrade your software. Wordware’s Lunch cashier software has been implemented in School cafeterias, college and universities, hospital settings and commercial building cafeterias in all over USA.